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Einführung in Agilent VEE (4 Tage)
Introduction to Agilent VEE Pro
VEE Pro fundamentals
Displaying and processing data
Controlling Instruments
User objects and user functions
Operator interfaces
Storing and retrieving data
Records and datasets
The sequencer object
Advanced topics preview? ActiveX, Microsoft.NET? assemblies & MATLAB?
12. - 15. Februar 2008
10. - 13. Juni 2008
Preis: EUR 1.689 / Person
Schulungsort: Böblingen

Agilent VEE für Fortgeschrittene (4 Tage)
VEE Basics Introduction and Review
Advanced Instrument Control
- Software architecture description (program/drivers/ VISA/SICL/Interface)
- Driver interests (share, maintenance)
- Direct I/O implementation: how it works, SCPI implementation, tips, control inputs
- Advanced I/O objects: interface operations, device events, implementing interrupts
- Creating an I/O library: design considerations, error handling, state tracking, multiple instance, initialized function
- PCI plug-in card support
- Direct access of VXI registers and memory
Advanced Programming Practices
- Developing software requirements
- Constructing an effective VEE program integrated C language programs:
- Using C functions library
- Importing libraries
- Definition files
- Error trapping
- Overview of ActiveX
- Controlling Microsoft Excel using ActiveX Automation
- VEE as an ActiveX Automation server
- Adding ActiveX controls to VEE programs
Microsoft .NET Framework
- Overview of the .NET Framework
- Using the System menu
- Adding custom .NET functionality to VEE programs MATLAB Scripts
- MATLAB script basics
- Passing VEE data to MATLAB script
- Passing MATLAB script results to VEE
- Using MATLAB?s signal processing toolbox
Termine: 19. - 22. Februar 2008
Preis: EUR 1.689 / Person
Schulungsort: Böblingen